Get Help

Before contacting the Help Desk, here is a checklist of things that will help us understand the problem you are facing:

  • If you do not have an account set up please Get An Account.
  • What are you unable to access? (My Grizzly Den, Blackboard, email, etc.)
  • Are you typing in the BearPass Login and Password correctly and in the correct site?
    • If you are trying to access your email by going directly to the email website without going to My Grizzly Den, are you typing in your BearPass Login with the or are you typing in your BearPass Email (your will not allow you to get into your email).
  • Is the caps-lock key on?
  • If connecting to wireless, is the domain correct?
  • After restarting the computer, does it come up with the same problem?
  • When did it last work properly? Has it worked at all?
  • Are you a newly-admitted student?
  • Exact text of any error messages

If the above items have failed, have your BearPass Login and your BearPass Number handy before contacting us.

You may contact us or call (417) 255-7996 during our business hours.