BearPass logoBearPass Login

Before you can access the services offered through Missouri State University-West Plains, you must get a BearPass Login. This will give you access to the My Grizzly Den portal, your email and a variety of other resources.

Students registered for classes in the current or next semester may obtain a BearPass Login by:

  • Visiting the Get an Account page to request an account online.
  • Visiting the Lybyer Enhanced Technology Center's Open Lab.

BearPass Account Deactivation

Accounts are generally deactivated six weeks into the next major semester (Spring/Fall) in which a person is no longer affiliated with Missouri State University. Two weeks before account deactivation is scheduled to take place, an email notification is sent to all accounts scheduled for removal at that time. If you receive this email and feel it is in error, please email to the Help Desk.