Acceptable Use of Technology

Acceptable Use Policy

Access to the Missouri State University network is a privilege meant to be used equitably and fairly by all to assist students, faculty, and staff in fulfilling the academic programs of Missouri State University. In no way can Missouri State network resources be used for commercial gain.

Policies explaining the proper use of this valuable resource are available at: Students are expected to familiarize themselves with and abide by these policies as well as all local, state, and federal law. Use of the university network or technology resources implies your acceptance of the University's Information Technology policies.

Violation of any of the policies covering the use of computers and the University network may result in the immediate deactivation of your access privileges until the situation is resolved. Serious offenders risk permanent shutdown, referral to the student conduct system and/or criminal prosecution.

  • Individuals who display information viewable by others who may consider such information offensive or degrading are potentially liable for harassment. The offended party has the option to pursue available grievance procedures. Students are encouraged to use careful judgment in choosing what is displayed on their computer screens in areas where the screen is viewable by others.

Personal Computers on Campus

  • Students are expected to be proactive in virus protection efforts. In addition, students should make sure they adequately patch their software and operating systems for security holes. Check the Help Desk at for information on Safe Computing.